Snow Removal in Sauk Rapids, MN

Uncover Your Property

It's no secret that Minnesota can experience harsh, frozen winters. While a white blanket of snow makes for beautiful scenery, snow and ice can cause dangerous conditions and major damage to your property.

Laurin's Lawn and Landscaping, LLC provides residential and commercial snow removal service throughout Sauk Rapids, MN and the central Minnesota area. From removing ice and snow on your sidewalks to snow plowing your commercial parking lot, we have the equipment and the man power to provide fast and effective snow removal and ice management services.

Don't get stuck in your home because of snow. Call Laurin's Lawn and Landscaping for prompt and reliable snow removal services.

Don't risk your safety. Hire a professional.

Each year, layers of heavy snow fall over Sauk Rapids, MN, covering homes and businesses in pounds of snow and ice. With snow removal and ice management services from Laurin's Lawn and Landscaping, you'll never have to close your business due to snow again.

With our ice management services, we'll cover your parking lot and sidewalks in preventive salt and brine to help melt ice and snow quickly. From one-time snow removal services to all-season snow and ice management, Laurin's Lawn and Landscaping can keep your driveways and sidewalks safe and clear.

Call 320-492-4068 today to learn more about our Sauk Rapids, MN and central Minnesota ice and snow removal packages.